A protected and preserved area

les plus belles chambres de normandie

At the Chateau de l’Isle Marie, we’ve been following all the recommendations of the World Health Organization as well as those of the French government and the various authorities in the tourism industry in order to guarantee the health of our guests and employees.

Below is an overview of the new check-in rules:

– Infrared temperature measurement for each input on site
– Mandatory protective mask in all common areas.
– Catering service in your room or in a private room for groups or families.
– Payment will only be made online on our secure platform.
– Hydro-acholic gel at your disposal
– Coffee corner in room with possibility of room service

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on all the preventive measures we take against the spread of viruses. We believe that the only way to get through these difficult times is to make responsible decisions and to support each other. If a host or partner refuses our sanitary rules, we forbid them to access the site.

We will always be at your disposal to welcome you in our magnificent refuge in the heart of nature!

Measures taken for the cleaning of the halls and rooms:

– It is forbidden to cross clean and dirty linen, now we store the dirty linen inside our premises.
– It is forbidden to leave your coat at the entrance.
– Daily logbook with thermo-scan temperature reading at input and output.
– Room ventilated for a minimum of 1 hour each day.
– Disposable disinfectant cleaning wipes used for contact areas.
– Between each room, wash gloved hands with soap and water.
– Permanent supply of consumables (hydro-alcoholic gel, wipes, soaps, gloves, garbage bags…)
– Cleaning of all door handles, windows, furniture, switches and shades and any accessories that may have come into contact with the hand with hydro-alcoholic spray solution.
– Disinfection with hydro-alcoholic spray (15min) on vacuum cleaner at each room change.
– Disinfection of the stair handrail
– Register with data sheet of cleaning products and disinfection plan displayed in the office and corridors.
– Prohibition to use household products.
– Mandatory register with data sheet for cleaning products

Antiquité et vieilles pierres en normandie

Measures concerning the common areas.

– Display gestures barriers covid-19 (rooms, entrance, common areas) in addition to the mandatory safety displays.

– Points marked with hydro-alcoholic gel (castle entrance, office, corridors)

– Breakfast and dinner in room service (or other solution if possible).

– Non-disposable dishes 1 hour soak in bleached water (5-10%) before placing in dishwasher, high temperature wash.

Important Note :

In case of reception of guests with suspicious signs of contamination: Check-in will be refused and we will not be able to reimburse the stay..

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